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Gorilla Permits in Rwanda – Important Details on Discounts in 2024

If you’ve been searching for discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda 2024, you’re in luck. It is still possible for foreign visitors and domestic tourists to get discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda.

This limited time deal is ideal for anyone looking to plan a last-minute Rwanda holiday or to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Still, you may have some questions about where the gorilla trekking discount came from, why it only lasts through December, and just how much it is. 

As Hope Tours, a specialist in luxury Rwanda safaris, we’ve received a number of questions about these gorilla permits, so we’re taking a moment today to answer them.

Your Frequently Asked Questions About Discounted Gorilla Permits in Rwanda

In a normal year, gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda cost $1,500 for foreign nationals, and the government of Rwanda doesn’t offer discounts.

However, the last few years have been anything but normal. Following the outbreak of coronavirus, the tourism sector in Rwanda — like the rest of the world — was heavily impact. 

After a few difficult months where no tourists were allowed into the country, we finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. On 17th June, 2020, Rwanda –the Land of a Thousand Hills — opened its doors to tourists to visit its beautiful national parks. 

Still, restarting tourism is not as easy as just opening the doors again. People around the world were nervous to travel, and some incentive had to be offered. That’s why the resumption of the Rwanda tourism sector came with discounted offers, especially on gorilla trekking permits.

What is amazing now is that anyone planning to visit Rwanda to see mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park can be a beneficiary of the 2020 discounted gorilla permits that was extended till the end of 2024. 

Rwanda is one of only three countries in the world to be home to the mountain gorillas, a species with which we share over 98% of our DNA.

What makes them even more of a draw is that the mountain gorilla can only be found in the mountain. There are no mountain gorillas in zoos.

It should be noted that Rwanda is home to over 30% of the existing 1063 mountain gorillas and trekking to see these large apes is possible on gorilla tour in Volcanoes National Park with Hope Tours Rwanda. 

The price of Rwanda gorilla permits has been taken down from the original USD 1500 per person to as low as USD 200. 

The breakdown of the discounted gorilla permits is as follows; 

  1. Rwandan and EAC Nationals – The 2024 discount offer stands at USD 200.
  2. Foreign residents in Rwanda – African citizens, and foreign residents in all African countries, including Rwanda can now book permits at USD 500.
  3. Families – It is also possible to get a 15% discount if you are visiting couples and children above 15 years of age.

With this incredible news, you have a reason to start planning and book your Rwanda gorilla trekking safari.

However, booking gorilla trekking is different than booking a trip up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. You can’t just go online and do it yourself.

Instead, the permit must be confirmed by a licensed tour operator (like Hope Tours Africa). To secure your discounted mountain gorilla permit, reach out to our reservation team. We’re available 24/7 to ensure that your gorilla permit is booked and the entire gorilla tour is planned appropriately. 

Given the nature of this experience, there are limitations on who can visit the mountain gorillas. You can only have this golden opportunity if you are 15 years or older. Our younger guests will have to wait patiently for their next opportunity.

Normal or discounted gorilla permits should be booked about 2-4 months before the actual date you plan to visit Volcanoes National Park.

Take note that the demand for these permits is always high, especially during the dry season. These permits are offered in a limited quantity to ensure that our mountain gorilla families can feel comfortable in their homes.

We advise avoiding last-minute booking, as it comes with stress given the process to secure a gorilla trekking permit and you may not be guaranteed a spot.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is open all year round. Tourists often find that the two dry seasons are the best time of the year. 

On your travel calendar, mark these 2 phases of dry season:

  • Rwanda’s first dry season runs from June, July, August to September 
  • Rwanda’s second, shorter dry season goes4 from December, January to February.

Rwanda has much more to offer. There are plenty of interesting experiences in other destinations in Rwanda. This includes chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park or Gishwati-Mukura National Park. You might also like a Big Five game safari in Akagera National Park.

We also recommend incorporating cultural encounters into your gorilla trekking safaris. This gives you the chance to uncover the unique cultures and traditions of Rwandans.

Volcanoes National Park is one of the four national parks in Rwanda. It’s also only one of the four destinations in the world where the endangered mountain gorillas survive from. 

Volcanoes National Park is situated in the Virunga Area in the northwestern part of Rwanda. Arriving takes about 2-3 hours from the capital city, Kigali.

With a total of 12 habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda has over 96 gorilla permits open each day.

The park’s habituated gorilla groups include Susa A, Ugenda, Kwitonda, Karisimbi/Susa B, Sabyinyo, Titus, Amahoro, Umubano, Hirwa gorilla group, Pablo, Agashya/Group 13 gorilla group and Bwenge.

Booking Your Discounted Gorilla Permit in Rwanda

To take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to act fast. This discount only lasts until the end of 2024. Book with Hope Tours, to travel with a Rwanda-owned tour company with a mission to support our local communities.
When you’re ready to talk about planning your Rwanda gorilla trekking adventure, be sure to send us a message.

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